Part 1 - Initial upload of data

  • Best to attach the exported csv file in a chat message in the Control Panel or give us login access to your current membership management program. We can get that into the system for you. We will do some pre-processing, scrub for duplicates and errors etc

Part 2 - Getting members to respond to the request for Account Info

  • Preface the migration by communicating to your members what you are doing. Tell them to expect an email from the system with a request to update their card on file. However you communicate this 'heads-up' message best with your members is up to you. Email, Call, Blog post, get coaches to announce etc. Make this communication compelling. Give them a good reason to do it, something to the effect of "We are switching platforms because moving to PushPress will free up our time to focus more on being better coaches and give us more time to work on the business which in turn benefits you!"

  • Fire off the request to update Credit Card info every other day to keep reminding members.

  • Set a public deadline for so members are aware of when you need the new card info by.

Part 3 - Using the check-in app

  • Put the Check-in App on your front desk as soon as you start assigning plans to people on step 3 of migration assistant. Tell those people they can start checking in.

  • Use the deadline to say "people must check into class from this date (mandatory)". If any members have not updated their card at this point, coach will have to grab card and add to the system.

  • It can help to have extra staff (or intern) on hand for a few days to help with getting members cards in the system.

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