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If you run a business model where you pay your coaching staff on a % of client revenue model, then this plugin will save you countless hours.

How to enable it

  1. Go to Apps main menu in your PushPress Control Panel.

  2. Look for 'Professional Coaching Add-on'. Click 'Configure'

  3. Toggle Enable to turn it on.


For each coach you will need to set their default % split of client revenue.

  1. Go to People -> Staff Members

  2. Select 'Edit Coach Info' from the 3 dots context menu next to the coach you want to setup.

  3. Scroll down the page to where you see 'MLG Coach Info'.

  4. If the coach only coaches AM or PM shifts, select accordingly.

  5. Add the % revenue this coach gets for all clients assigned to them.

  6. Add the % referral revenue this coach gets for recruiting new members.

  7. Save Changes.

Setting rates at the subscription level

In some cases, you may want to set the % split for a specific member and plan, as opposed to a blanket % rate for all members. Here's how to override the % split on the subscription level. 

  1. Go to People -> Members -> {Member name}

  2. Select the 3 dots context menu next to the plan you want to override

  3. Select 'Adjust Pro-Coaching Payroll'. This will pop up a modal where you can adjust the revenue % splits. *note* make sure to uncheck the "use default rate". That will allow you to edit the % split.

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