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Core | Calendar - Cancel or Delete A Class and How to Notify Members
Core | Calendar - Cancel or Delete A Class and How to Notify Members
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There are a few reasons to cancel a class on your schedule, for example, holidays, bad weather or too few registrations. When you cancel a class, it will simply remove the class from the calendar—no automatic notifications are sent.

You cancel a single class, that specific day of the week or all the classes is a recurring series.

Cancel or Delete a Class

  1. Choose class on calendar and click on class.

  2. Click garbage can to delete.

  3. A box will appear with options for deleting - this class, this and a future day of the week or this and all future including ALL classes in the series.

Notify Members via SMS text or Email

When you cancel a class no notifications are sent to members, so be sure to let your reservations know. You can send a sms text or email to your list of members.

  1. Choose the class on your class calendar and click view class.

2. Send your clients a message via text or email or both (one at a time.) You can select all or select the members to send the message to.

3. Cancel class from calendar so there are no further reservations. Any classes will be given back to the client since they were not checked in.

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