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Grow | Sites - Submit Edits

Request a Copy / Image / Video / Page change to your PushPress website Here's how.

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We are thrilled to allow you to make a number of edits to your website to ensure all information, copy, and general information is up-to-date, allowing you to reflect accurate information to your prospective leads. In some case YOU WILL NOT make the edits and submit edits to our team to make the changes to your site.

There are many aspects of your website that we recommend you edit yourself for ease and speed. There are also a few areas of the website that we recommend you avoid editing yourself to ensure your website runs smoothly, is leveraging best practices for SEO (search engine optimization, or in other words, how searchable your gym is on sites like Google), and overall remains a well-functioning website. For those types of edits, we can always assist.

Please see the guidance below.

Edit Your Website

Submit Edits

Do change the text

To create your own pages

Do publish blog posts

To change images

Do manage coach bios

To remove any elements

Do change the CTA text

To change link slugs

Do change the CTA button links

To change or remove the H1 text

Request Website Edits

  1. Login to your Grow Account - From the blue side menu choose "Request Website Edits"

    1. This will take you to TOYBOX, our editing Tool.

  2. Select the project associated with your website.

3. Select the "Add New Task" option. This will launch the editor tool on your website.

Leave a comment by dropping a pin

  • The Toolbar will automatically appear in the top-right corner of your page

  • Click the "Drop a Pin" button on the Toolbar

  • As you hover over elements on the web page, you'll notice a blue bounding box appear

  • Click anywhere that you'd like to drop a pin

  • The Comment Box will appear, which you can begin typing into immediately.

  • Press "Post" or hit the "Enter" key to post your comment.

Leave a comment by capturing a region

  • Click the "Capture a region" button in the Toybox Toolbar

  • The cursor will then turn into a Crosshair - allowing you to drag and release over a specific region of the page.

  • Once you release - the Comment Box will appear, which you can begin typing into immediately. Be specific with a statement of what to change. The edits team cannot create anything new such as workflows or plans. That is done inside Grow by you or with the assistance of the Team. Requesting edits should be a straightforward task to add or remove from the site.

  • Press "Post" or hit the "Enter" key to post your request.

Attach Images

  • Attach an image to a comment using the paperclip icon in the Comment Box to choose an image to upload

  • Select an image from the dropdown and click Open.

  • After, you'll see your attachment in the comment box.

  • Leave some feedback and press post!

If you would like to complete your own Edits, you can. Here is more information of completing your own edits.

More Help
If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use other HELP Articles, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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