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Core | Class Type - Restrict reservations and Check-ins
Core | Class Type - Restrict reservations and Check-ins
Control which classes members can attend based on their Plan attributes
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Utilizing the Class types found under the Schedule menu you can create custom types for each different Class or Program you offer. The benefit in doing this is that it allows you set certain plan types to be restricted to certian class types, you can set your scheduel to display class types in dfferent colors, and you can assign different pay rates for staff members based on class type. 

Below are a few sceanrios to setup class types. 

Create Class Types
-Select Schedule Menu from left side rail
-Select Calendar

-now choose Class Types from right hand rail on calendar page

-From this page you can now create or edit your class/event types

-Set Name of Class Type
-Set Calendar Type Color
**Free Session Toggle is set class type to not count against limited session plans or punch cards

-Hit Save

-Next navigate to the plans menu and create or edit a new plan
-Under the Check-In info section select radio button next to "This plan can only check-in to certain class types"
-Now choose the class types you will allow this plan to check into.

-Complete setting up your plan and click save.

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