Instapage is a powerful, simple system that allows for the drag and drop production of fast and beautiful landing pages.  Almost zero technical knowledge is required to create landing pages using Instapage.

If you are not an Instapage client, you can start a 14 day free trial here.

We have built an integration which will allow you to use Instapage to collect lead information and have that information be seamlessly transferred into your PushPress lead system.

Enabling The Instapage App

The first step in getting this going is to enable to Instapage App in the PushPress App Store.    All we will need to do is enable the app, and create a pairing code for your landing page to use.

  • Enable the app.

  • Click the + button on the Pairing Codes section on the right.

  • Name your code and hit save.

  • Hit the three dots icon next to the newly created Pairing Code and click "View Info".

  • Copy the Pairing Code (starts with tok_) to your clipboard.

Lead Form Integration

On your Instapage landing page, you will add a form, to collect the lead data.  When added, this form starts with "name" and "email" by default, but you can add as many form fields as you like.

Once you are done editing your form, you are going to enable "Webhooks" on it.  Webhooks will send the data submitted in the form over to your PushPress account once submitted.

Now follow the following instructions.  
Your webhook must be configured exactly as outlined here, or it will not work.

  1. For the Webhook URL enter:

  2. For the Server Authorization Token enter the PushPress Pairing Code you copied in the step above (Enabling The Instapage App)

  3. For HTTP Method select "Send By Post"

  4. For Mapping Form, please read the following section "Required Form Fields and Formats".

  5. For Mapping Session Data, you can simply click "Finish".

Once you have completed this, you must click "Done" on the form edit buttons, and then click "Save" and the "Update" on the top right of the page edit screen. If you do not save and update the page, it will not update the page with the webhook integration.

Required Form Fields and Formats

Since you can create a form with as many fields as you want, we have to require a few in order for this integration to work.  

Any fields you create outside of these required fields will be saved to your lead record as part of the lead notes.

For name you have two options:  Either one field asking for "Name" or two fields asking for "First Name" and "Last Name".  You must name the fields either "Name" or "First Name" and "Last Name".

For email, you must create one text input field named "Email".

Here are two screenshots showing the two valid confiigurations:

Additional Data
Any additional data you request on this landing page will be saved to the lead notes, along with some ancillary data Instapage will send over.  This way you can ask for and capture more meaningful information, depending on the direction of your landing page.

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