In your PushPress website, you have the ability to manage your coaches biographies. Seeing who the coaches are at your gym is important to keep updated as it is part of the decision making process for your prospects. 

Each coach gets their own biography page and will also show up on the Coaches page with their photo and a snippet of their bio. You have received the Coaches Bio Form temporary link when your site was in draft mode and a (different) permanent link after your site goes live in your website finalization email.

  1. Add A Coach - Email or text the Coaches Bio Form link to your coach. After they fill it out (don't forget to remind them to include a 500x500px profile photo. Ideally, you should have your coaches use the same background, like a blank wall at your facility, to maintain consistency on your All Coaches page on your site). Once they complete the form and hit "Submit", you will receive a notification by email that a Coaches Bio Form has been submitted. 

  2. Edit and Publish A Coach's Bio - Log into your website. This information is in your website finalization email. On the left rail, Click COACHES -> ALL COACHES. Your unpublished coach will have their Name - DRAFT. Click "Edit" under that coach. You can change the first name, last name, and title. The Sort Position is the order in which the coaches will appear on the all coaches page. 

       You can edit and add basic HTML code for esthetics in each section below as               well: 

If everything looks great, then click the blue UPDATE button on the right side of your screen. This will publish the biography. 

If you need to delete a coach's bio, simply click MOVE TO TRASH next to the Update button. If a coach needs to resubmit, send them the link to the coaches bio form again. 

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