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Core | Creating Email Filters (Gmail)
Core | Creating Email Filters (Gmail)

Create the proper filters for keeping your PushPress emails organized.

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The amount of emails you get as a business owner can be daunting. Keeping your inbox organized is key to staying productive and ensuring nothing gets missed. The best way to do this is to create email filters in your in-box

*The instructions below are only for Gmail accounts. But the same concepts can be applied to other email clients

  1. Go to "settings" in your Gmail account.

  2. Select "Filters and Blocked Addresses"

  3. Create the following labels and filters

For Leads, enter 'New Lead Generated' in 'subject' field.

For Orders, enter 'Receipt Copy For' in 'subject' field.

For New Memberships, enter 'Membership Activation' in "Has the words" field. 

These cover the basics of emails generated by PushPress. For each of these, you can select "Skip the Inbox", so your inbox does not get cluttered. 

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