You may recall these tips from the coaches' bio form during your website set up. 

  • Headshots are best at 500px X 500px.

  • No images of you pulling some crazy weight at a competition in a parking lot with your shirt off. It's impressive for sure, but not what potential new members are looking for.

  • Crop into a nice smiling face with a solid color background.

So, how do you get the profile photos properly sized for your website quickly if you don't have Photoshop (and you don't want to register for another site)?

Go to 

  1. Set Output to Fit Inside

  2. Image Output Size 500px by 500px

  3. Image Output Format: jpeg (uses less space so it won't affect your site loading speed like a .png file. Site load time affects SEO, but that's a story for another day)

  4. Drag and Drop your file images - you can drop all of your coaches photos at the same time

  5. Drag the resized images back to your computer. DONE! :) 

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