You may need to pass information across to a 3rd party system after a person has signed up for a Plan, Product, Event or Lead Capture Form. One way to achieve this is appending that data you have just gathered onto the URL.

A common use case for this method is if you have a Free or Paid plan you use for on-boarding new members and you also want to have them self schedule their first appointment.

Use the Redirect URL in the Plan settings to forward them to a site for scheduling the session. In this case we will use for the example and we want to pass across "First Name", "Last Name", "Email" and "Phone" so the member doesn't have to re-enter the same info when they land on the Acuity scheduling screen.

Constructing the URL

Each system will have their own format for processing data from the url, but typically it will be something like{value}.
PushPress makes available the following data:

  • {user_id}

  • {first_name}

  • {last_name}

  • {email}

  • {phone}

  • {postal_code}

How to setup

  1. From the main menu: Plans -> Plans

  2. Select Plan -> Edit Plan from the 3 dots menu

  3. Scroll down to Other Info -> Redirect URL. Put in your scheduler link. Example https://[account-name]{first_name}&last_name={last_name}&email={email}&phone={phone}

  4. Save

About PushPress

PushPress is the software to help gym owners streamline and professionalize their business. We have decades of experience running our own gyms, allowing us to build an easy solution for other businesses in this industry. Gym owners can see the gym management software price from the website.

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